The project BioREGIO Carpathians is an EU project, whose aim is to show how an integrated management of the Carpathians' natural assets can boost both sustainable development and ecological connectivity in the Carpathian region. Particularly the project seeks to identify the most probable habitat and core areas as well as ecological corridors for each species to move through the landscape. Wildlife species for the connectivity analyses were selected on the basis of their ecological preferences and habitat niches, in order to cover most of the habitat types present in the Carpathians' mountain range (Eurasian Lynx; Brown Bear; European Wolf; European Otter; Western Capercaillie; Carpathians Chamois; European Hare).
Within the framework of the project we have adopted two levels of analysis: a general one, which seeks to investigate the ecological network through all the Carpathians countries for all the umbrella species and a detailed one applied in the three pilot areas located at the borders Hungary/Slovakia, Romania/Ukraine and Romania/Serbia.

BioREGIO Carpathians WebGIS

(1) The chosen species will appear in bold red letters (active layer)
(2) If chosen: exact info about least-cost-path (LCP) and coreareas will shown via mouseclick
(3) You can use "Shift key + left mouse button" to create a manual zoom rectangle
(4) The left panel can be collapsed by clicking on the small icon at the split bar
(5) The "suitability raster overlays" are just visible up to 5km map scale


Source core / Destination core area

Size in hectare (ha)


Euclidean distance (meters)

Ordinary distance between two core areas


Cost-weighted distance (cost units)

Energy needed to move between two core areas


Least-cost path lenght (meters)

The path between two core areas that costs the minimum energy (cost units) to traverse


Ratio of Cost-weighted (cost units) to Euclidean distance (meters) between core areas

cost units expended per meter of euc_dist (cost units/meter)


Ratio of Cost-weighted (cost units) to Least-cost path length (meters) between core areas

cost units expended per meter of lcp_length (cost units/meter)

▪ LAND USE was obtained from CORINE Land Cover 2006, resolution 100x100m.
▪ Land Cover for Ukraine was purchased from Humboldt University in Berlin (Germany).
▪ DIGITAL ELEVATION MODEL was acquired from the European Environmental Agency ( and from the National and Nature Parks administrations. The output cell size was set to that of the CORINE land cover grid (100x100m).
▪ SHAPEFILE of rivers, lakes, main cities, and roads were obtained from the Joint Research Center ( and ESRI (

Methods and Tools:
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Project partners:
BioREGIO carpathians
The South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme
European Union

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