This is a WebGIS platform developed by EURAC, with data provided by the HABIT-CHANGE project, to visualise protected areas and the Natura 2000 network in Central Europe as well as sensitivity maps and climate scenario data calculated for the HABIT-CHANGE test-sites.
Climate scenario data represent the mean from 1971/2000 and 2036/2065 and for each season.
The difference values express the changes in the future in comparison to today. Using 14 GCM-RCM combinations (calculation of multi-modal-mean), scenario A1B of the ENSEMBLE project (van der Linden & Mitchell 2009)
Sensitivity of habitat types towards temperature and moisture was calculated for some of the test-sites. Regional experts rated habitat-types according to the Petermann sensitivity categories. A detailed description of the methods can be found here.
(1) Please use the radiobuttons to define the active layer (for info-popup via mouseclick/over)
(2) You can use "Shift key + left mouse button" to create a manual zoom rectangle
(3) With single-click on the Layer folder it will open the appropriate layers
(4) The "Climate Scenario" layers are just visible up to 20km map scale
(5) The "Sensitivity" layers are just visible from 50km map scale
▪ Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK): Climate scenario data
▪ University of Vienna, Department of Conservation Biology, Vegetation- and Landscape Ecology (CVL): Sensitivity maps
▪ European Environment Agency (EEA): Natura 2000 sites, Nationally designated areas (CDDA) v10, Oct-2012; except for Hungary CDDA v9, Oct-2011

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Leibniz-Institut für ökologische Raumentwicklung
European Union Regional Development Fund

developed by: EURAC